Let Me Be Frank, Seroogy’s, Green Bay’s Willy Wonka

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Welcome to Seroogy’s, Green Bay’s own Willy Wonka chocolate factory. Willy Seroogy places three golden tickets in chocolate bars around Northeastern Wisconsin. Each child who finds the golden ticket is invited to a tour of the chocolate factory with their parents. Veruca Salt, who is quite the spitfire with attitude to boot, is the first winner. She and her father, Henry, hail from Escanaba and are a little demanding, to say the least. The next winner is Violet Beauregarde, champion gum chewer and fiercely determined young lady, from Kaukauna. Her mother, Scarlet, is all too excited for the opportunity to get some facetime with the chocolate man himself, Willy Seroogy. And finally, we have Charlie, and his father Chucky, from Chicago. As the guests begin their tour, they discover a chocolate factory like none other filled with secret inventions, strange workers, and bizarre candy creations. Will the guests be able to handle all that comes with this special tour? You’ll have to find out in this hilarious show!

If you go: This performance is rated PG-13, curtain at 7 p.m.

Tickets: $28, $35 (plus fees and tax)


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