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The Capitol Civic Centre is reliant on a dedicated and experienced group of community professionals and volunteers who devote their time and effort to the Capitol on a regular basis through Board of Directors and Ad Hoc committee work.

The fiscal year 2022-23, Capitol Board of Directors Executive Committee: Christine D. Kornely, President; Stacey Soeldner, Vice President; Brett Norell, Treasurer; Peggy W. Pitz, Secretary; Tom Angst, Past President. Board members: Joseph DiRaimondo, Steve Dudek, Dean Dvorak, Mark Klaiber (ex officio), Brad Lighthall, Melissa Mecca, Todd Reckelberg (ex officio), Tim Salutz, Genny Shields, Tim Schneider, John Stern.

The fiscal year 2022-23, Capitol Civic Centre Foundation Board of Directors Executive Committee: Mark Klaiber, President; Julia Angst, Vice President; Jack Cashman, Treasurer; John L. “Jack” Sadowski, Secretary. Board members: PJ Albert, Candice Giesen, Christine D. Kornely (ex officio), Ann Salutz.

The fiscal year 2022-23 community committee members: Gene Maloney, John L. “Jack” Sadowski

To learn more, please email PJ Albert, Executive Director at pja@cccshows.org