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Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the Capitol Civic Centre:

Q. My seats are all even-numbered, are they together?

Yes, seat numbers are even on the right side of the theater and odd on the left side. Please see the CAPITOL SEATING CHART for a visual.

Q. I’m from out of town. Can you provide directions to the Capitol?


Q. Where do I park for a daytime performance?

Street parking is available on Jay, South 7th, and Franklin Streets, as well as on nearby streets. The parking lot along the river off Quay Street (across from the Manitowoc Public Library) typically has available parking. There is limited parking in the lot with access on South 7th and Jay Streets.

Please read the signs around you before parking; some of the stalls in the parking lots surrounding the Capitol Civic Centre are leased. Please do not park in the Manitowoc Public Library lot during library hours.

Q. Can you accommodate accessible seating?

Please visit our Accessibility page for more information.

Q. Do you provide assistance for patrons with hearing loss?

Please visit our Accessibility page for more information.

Q. What additional fees are incurred when purchasing tickets?

Wisconsin state sales tax is added to each purchase. In addition, a fee is added to each ticket to cover the cost of system processing and facility maintenance.

Q. Why is the concert so loud?

Rock, Country, and similar concerts can reach peak volumes of up to 105 decibels (dB). The Capitol uses special equipment to monitor the sustained audio level at these events, ensuring that it remains at or below 100 dB. If you are concerned about the volume, please speak to the Box Office to see if they can move you to a different seat.

Q. Can I dance during the concert?

Dancing is allowed provided guests remain in their seats. We do not allow dancing in the aisles or in front of the stage.

Q. I found tickets for a Capitol performance for sale on another website. Are these legit?

No, only tickets purchased through the Capitol’s website are authorized. The Capitol utilizes Choice Ticketing as the official ticketing company for all events. Purchasing tickets outside of Choice Ticketing and the Capitol may result in fraudulent tickets that cannot be used for entry and these tickets will not be exchanged or refunded.

Q. What is a Capitol Member?

A member is an individual or family who makes an annual monetary donation to the Capitol. Members receive priority reservations and ticket discounts to Capitol-presented shows. There are additional membership benefits as you increase your membership level. To learn more, please call the Box Office at (920) 683-2184.

Q. Are concessions purchased at the Capitol allowed in the auditorium?

Yes, concessions purchased from the Capitol are allowed in the auditorium. Drinks and snacks are available at the Cawley Company Bar in the Mertens Lounge on the first floor or the Schneider Bar in the Webster Family Lobby on the second floor.

Concessions are available one hour prior to performance time and are typically open during intermission.

Q. Where are restrooms located?

There is a suite of restrooms on the first floor in the Salutz Family Lobby. A second suite of restrooms (accessible by stairs and an elevator) is located on the second floor, adjacent to the Webster Family Lobby.

Q. Can I take pictures or record during the show?

Flash photography is never allowed. The photographic and video recording policy is determined by each artist.

When photographic or video recording is not permitted, an announcement is made prior to the performance. Any cameras or recording devices may be confiscated if used.

Q. What happens if I arrive late for a performance?

The main entrance is locked 15 minutes after the start of each performance. It is open during intermission and then locked again shortly after. To gain access, ring the doorbell (located on a stand immediately outside the main entrance).

The Box Office or another staff member will verify your ticket. You will then be seated at the first appropriate opportunity. Depending on the performance, there can be as much as a twenty (20) minute wait to be seated.

After the Box Office closes for the evening, no additional tickets will be sold.

Q. Can I leave the building during a performance and come back?

Yes, but you must have your ticket. The main entrance is locked after the start of each performance, so please ring the doorbell to gain access.

Q. What happens if I lose my tickets?

In most cases, tickets can be reprinted by the Box Office.

Q. If I’m unable to attend, after purchasing tickets, will a refund be issued?

Typically, there are no refunds or exchanges. If someone in your party is sick, please call the Box Office to see what options may be available. At no time will a refund be provided once a performance has started.

Q. In the event of a weather emergency, will the Capitol Civic Centre cancel the show? How will I know? And, will I receive a refund?

If a performance is canceled due to weather, the Capitol Civic Centre will notify local media (Seehafer News, Gannett Media) and post a notice on its Facebook page. If the performance is canceled, a full refund will be issued. If the performance is rescheduled, tickets will be valid for the new date. Best effort will be made to contact patrons by email or phone with an event update within twenty-four (24) hours of the original performance date.

Refunds will not be issued for performances that occur, regardless of the weather conditions.

Q. Is there a dress code at the Capitol Civic Centre?

You may wear whatever you feel is appropriate (within the guidelines of good taste) for the type of performance you are attending.

Q. What is the policy for bringing infants and toddlers to performances?

Please use your discretion in deciding if your child is old enough to sit quietly and enjoy the performance without distracting others. All attendees, regardless of age, must have a ticket, even if they will be sitting on an adult’s lap.

Additional Questions?

Have more questions? Please contact the Box Office at (920) 683-2184 or via email.