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In looking back on the amazing accomplishments of the Capital Idea fundraising campaign (2012-13) and building projects (2013), we extend our sincere gratitude to all of the supporters who made the renovations, repairs and upgrades possible. The following cornerstone donations were particularly important in generating momentum in this $1.2 million campaign, and we are proud to acknowledge them here again:

Ruth St. John and John Dunham West Foundation

Dr. Kenneth & Amy Katz (for exterior renovations)

The Manitowoc Company (for auditorium renovations)

Dr. Joe & Eleanor DiRaimondo

Tim & Ann Salutz (for the Salutz Family Lobby)

The Scott Mertens Family (for the Mertens Family Lobby/Kadow Movie Museum)


Lights, camera, action! Thoughts from the Grand Reopening Gala…

On Saturday evening, Oct. 5, 2013, guests were welcomed to the Grand Reopening for the Capitol Civic Centre, our “Jewel of the Lakeshore!”

There has not been a night of celebration like this since the fall of 1987, following the original restoration of the Capitol from a crumbling movie theater to a grand performance palace. Now, 26 years later, in response to the Capitol being used-well and used-hard by more than a million visitors, the Capitol has gone through a major renovation and improvement project — $1.2 million in repairs and upgrades – and a fundraising campaign that made it all happen.

This night, we acknowledged donors, admired the work of the contractors, and celebrated a place called home for many of our performing arts partners. And what a night is was… a night of which our patrons had the opportunity to enjoy the sounds of verse, song, dance, and music.

The emcees for the evening were Mayor Justin Nickels and Honorary Campaign Co-Chair, John Jagemann, better known as ‘the judge” of the Courthouse Pub. They made us laugh and they made each other laugh, which of course, made us laugh even harder. What a team they made! We wouldn’t be surprised if they take their show on the road…well, on the road in Manitowoc County!

Our arts partners must again be thanked for the work they put into their performances and their commitment to the Capitol Civic Centre.

And a huge thank you (or shout-out, if you will) goes to Stage Manager, Cathy DeLain and crew, Backstage Director and Traffic Cop, Melyssa Behnke, and Technical Director, Rick Klein and crew. These folks were able to take the idea, the notes, the flow and the groups and make it all work. Bravo to them!

“The jewel of the lakeshore is alive and welcomes our patrons to a wonderful season in a wonderful renovated home.” Peggy Pitz, Associate Campaign Administrator

“The Capitol is a staple of downtown Manitowoc. Providing culture, arts, music and laughter  –  the Capitol truly is the Jewel of the Lakeshore, providing citizens with world-class entertainment in one of the most beautiful venues in all of Northeast Wisconsin.” Justin M. Nickels, Mayor of Manitowoc

“I had a unique view of the Capital the night of the Gala, and I can tell you from the stage that the building looked awesome. [I’m] also impressed with the new sound and lighting controls. A job well done; money well spent; impressive community support.”  John “the judge” Jagemann, Honorary Campaign Co-Chair
“I am so impressed with the improvements in the Kadow Room. It’s so elegant with the rich carpets and gold gilded trim on the walls. The bathrooms are stunning with  the black onyx counters and sinks and silver mirrors. And no standing in line! I thought I was in a five star hotel. Look out American Club!” Kathleen Galas, arts partner and Capitol Member

“The CCC renovation is spectacular! The Mertens/Kadow room is a total transformation, impressive and really beautiful. I thought ‘wow’ this would be the perfect spot for a special occasion party, a small wedding, or business gathering. The lobby is much more welcoming and open. I know there were many changes and improvements made that are not visible but very necessary after 25 years of operation.” Lauretta Krcma-Olson, Capitol Board of Directors Member


Thank you to those who have make donations and pledges to A Capitol Idea!

List as of May 1, 2015:

William R. Ahearn
Jim & Tina Albright
Christopher & Christine Allie
Matthew & Stacey Culligan
Alex Allie
Peter & Ashley Allie
Steven & Kathleen Alpert
Dr. William Alvarez
Robin & Sarah L. Anderson
Tom & Julia Angst
Ansay & Associates
Michael J. Arendt
Frances M. Arno
George & Donna Arnold
The Aschenbrenner Foundation, a Fund of Lakeshore Community Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Richard & Elizabeth Auchter
Leon & Florence Balaban Families
Balzan HR, LLC
Chris & Tracy Bandt
Dr. Bob & Donna Bandt
Bank First National
Thomas J. & Virginia S. Bare
Joan E. Barnard
Bob & Mary Lou Barrock
John & Carol Bartelme
Tom & Ginger Baryenbruch
Pat Bast
Lorraine Becker
Robert L. and Laverne “Toni” Becker
Harold & Fran Beckman
Gary Bendix & Linda Loman
Robert & Shirley Blattler
Robert & Deborah Bonk
Gerald & Janice Borgwardt
David L. Bourgeois
Melvin & Rosalyn Bourgeois
Paul & Karen Bouril
In memory of Mary Bowen by Robin & Bonnie Bowen
The David Bowman Family
Steve & Debbie Brahm
Patrick & Linda Brandel
Dale A. & Judith E. Brasser
Robert & Gwen Braun
Richard & Cynthia Breunig
Delmar & Ione Brick
Kenneth & Barbara Brooks
Joan Brull
Robert & Suzanne Brull
Jill Brunscheen
Carl & Mary Jane Bruss
Ronald & Diane Budnik
Tim & Susan Burkard
Larry & Mickey Burkart
Ruth Bushman
Michael Canty
Dr. Geralyn Carducci
Norbert & Helen Carollo
Barbara Carstens
Dorothe J. Casavant
Terry & Kathryn Casavant
Jack Cashman & Dr. Mary Govier
Damon & Mary Cattani
Robert & Luanne Cavanaugh
The Cawley Company
Gerald G. & Mary Jeanne Censky
William & Nancy Censky
Gregg & Chris Chaloupka
Alice Chermak
Mike & Pat Chermak
Tom & Mary Chermak
Cher-Make Sausage Company
Vernon Childs
Albert & Therese Ciha
Emil & Diane Cisler
City of Manitowoc, Public Works Department
Catherine L. Cole
Dr. Robert Cornwell
Kevin & Laurie Crawford John & Jane Crubaugh
Courthouse Pub,  John Jagemann
In memory of Robert Curtis by Caroline Curtis
Catherine Daum
David’s House of Travel
Bill & Mary Dean
Joseph & Janet Debilzen
Tom & Cathy DeLain
Lindy & Sharon DeNamur
Peter & Gina Deschler
Kay Dewane
David & Sandy Diedrich
In memory of Rosalee N. DiMicel by Geoffrey & Carla Liban
Dr. Carl & Sue DiRaimondo
Dr. Joseph & Eleanor DiRaimondo
Nanette Disch
John & Natalie Docter
Tom & Marie Domek
John & Susan Dondlinger
Jim & Marcia Donlon
Mike & Simone Dorcas
Kurt & Marlene Dramm
In honor of Kurt Dramm’s 75th Birthday by Howard & Tricia Zimmerman
Roger & Winnie Drape
Dr. Steve & Marsha Driggers
Tom Drill
In honor of Tom Drill by JoAnn Budnik
In honor of Tom Drill by Ronald L. & Donna Feest
In honor of Tom Drill by Krazy Daze
In honor of Tom Drill by Ron Kossik
In honor of Tom Drill by Mike & Pat Mecca
In honor of Tom Drill by Susan K. Miller
In honor of Tom Drill by Anne Schuette & Dan Hornung
In honor of Tom Drill by Patrick Schwalbe
In honor of Tom Drill by Mark Surfus
In honor of Tom Drill by Kerry & Jane Winans Family
Gary & Mary Drohman
Don & Mildred Duchon
Dan & Joy Dueno
Bob & Margaret Duescher
Greg & Elizabeth Dufek
Michael & Marilynn Dunlap
Dean & Tonya Dvorak
Norval & Jean E. Dvorak
Catherine Egger
Rein & Mary Elias
Kenneth H. & Marilyn A. Evers
Federal Mogul of Manitowoc
Tyler & Patti Fellows
Joan Fessler
Rick & Peggy Fischer
Pat & Marcia Flaherty
La Verne Foerg
Mary Fordney
Edson “Perk” & Lisa Foster
Jane Foster
Terence & Paula Fox
In honor of Paula Fox by Tom & Candice Giesen
In honor of Paula & Terence Fox by Marjorie & Thomas Zalewski
Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity
Robert C. & Judith E. Freiboth
Jay & Tamra Fricke
Fricke Printing Service Inc.
Bill & Judy Frieder
Jim & Jean Fuhs
Pat & Jutta Furca
Dr. Robert & Kathryn Gahl
Dr. Steven & Debra Gainey Family
Gannett Foundation
Glenn & Janet Gaterman
Roy & Darlene Geigel
Dr. Matthew & Noelle Gentile
Joyclyn Gerroll
Tom & Candice Giesen
Dr. Pradeep Giriyappa
In honor of Kenlyn Gretz by Just Orthodontics
Vicki Grimstad
George & Julie Grinde
Dr. Terry L. & Judith A.  Gueldner
Thom & Connie Gulash
Scott & Angie Gunderson
Jean Haefner
Hamann Construction Co., Inc.
Jim & Jane Hamann
Bryan & Darlene Hanke
Biff & Sheila Hansen Family
In honor of Biff & Sheila Hansen by Sally Rasmuson
Doris B. Hansen
Peter & Diane Hansen
Vernon & Eunice Hansen
Dave & Sandy Hardrath
J.A. Harker
Ben & Jenny Harrison Family
Doris C. Hartman
Edward & Christina Hartman
Peter J. Hecker
Bob Hackl & Ruth Heili
Michael & Nancy Henderson
Everett & Helen Henning
Kim & Fay Henning
Dr. Jonathon & Annette Henry
Mark & Pam Herzog
Jan & Tim Henschel
Ron & Mary Hinz
Michael J. Hitt
Bill & Traci Hoeltke
Darlene E. Hoffman
Dr. Michael & Holly Hoffman
Pete & Christine Honzik
Andrew & Carol Houston
Mike & Emily Howe
Dennis & Mary Huckins
Jean Huempfer
Bernie & Patty Huettl
Jeanne L. Ihlenfeld
Charles & RuthAnn Indestad
Institutional Capital Management Group
Investors Community Bank
Shirley M. Jacob
Fred & Rosann Jacobi
Andy & Kristine Jacobson
Jagemann Plating
William & Nancy Jagemann
Don & Dolores Janda
Rita Janda
Katie M. Jansen
Barbara Jenkins
Bob & Ruth Jome
Harold & Nancy Just
The Harold C. Kallies Charitable Trust
Linda Justema & Jim Konitzer
Ron & Sharon Kaminski
Wolf & Betty Kannegiesser
Dr. Henry & Barbara Katz
Dr. Kenneth & Amy Katz
Mike & Lori Kirby
Florence Kirt
Mark Klaiber
Klein Asphalt Maintenance, Inc.
Rita Klein
Anne S. Koch
Barbara Koch
Karl & Jeanne Koch
John L. & Mary Jo Kocourek
Karen Koebel
Mel Koeppe & Maggie Becker-Koeppe
Patrick & Beth Kohlman
John & Brenda Koprowski
Christine D. Kornely & Rick L. Gerroll
Dick & Sharon Kornely
James & Joan Kornely
Dennis & Alice Kosloski
Carole Kouba
Ralph & June Kramer
Greg & Marge Kraynek
Gregory F. & Sandra B. Krcma
Lauretta Krcma-Olson & Carl Olson
Peggy A. Krey
Anna Krowiorz
Dale & Mary Krueger
Jack & Marie Kubitz
Dr. David Kuester & Cam Williams
Armond & Ione Kueter
Dr. Kevin & Melany Kumbalek
Harold & Evelyn Kummer
Lee H. & Eileen M. Kummer
Robert & Charlotte Kutil
Lakeshore Wind Ensemble Association
Lakeside Foods, Inc.
William & Laurie Lamberg
Mike & Mary Lambert
Rita J. Lambries
Kenton & Donna Langman
Carolyn Lanza
Michael R. Laughrin
Carl & Jerilyn Laurino
Frances Ledet
Anna M. Leiker
Anne Leneau
Courtney & Marce Leonard
John C. Leonard
Mark & Diane Leonhard
Luan J. Leonardelli & Warren W. Schmidt
James B. & Barbara M. Lester
Dr. Patrick F. & Mary Limoni
Lions Foundation
Charles & Jane Lohmeyer
Ray Luisier
Jim & Sue Luther
Mary E. Luther
Raymond & Jane Mack
Judith MacKove
Donald & Janet Mahlik
Mainly Manitowoc, Inc.
Larry & Mary Maloney
The Manitowoc Company
Manitowoc Grey Iron Foundry, Inc.
Manitowoc Noon Rotary
James & Marilyn Maples
Michael & Mary Maples Family
Ray Markowski
Don Markwardt Family
Lee Marquardt
Paul & June Marquardt
John Marsh & Shirley Pozorski
Ron & Joanne Masiak
The Masquers Inc. by Christine D. Kornely & Rick L. Gerroll
Bob & Cheryl Matthias
Mary Maurer & Danny Kirk
Judith McConnell
Mark & Jenifer McLaughlin
Mc Mullen and Pitz  Construction Company
Glenn & Katherine Mella
Scott Mertens Family
The Metal Ware Corp.
Miller-St. Nazianz, Inc.
Kirsten Miller
Ken & Cindy Mischler
Louise Mittnacht
Joretta Mountford
Douglas Mrotek Family
Kathleen A. Mueller
Phil & Susan Murtaugh
Nash Family Foundation
Barry & Lisa Nelson
Bob & Cathy Nelson
Fred & Pat Neuenfeldt
Gerald & Marilyn Neuser
James S. Neuser
John & Sandra Neuser
Garth Neustadter
NextEra Energy Point Beach Nuclear Plant
Jim & Mary Jane Nickels
Justin Nickels
Cliff & Char Nysse
Dennis & Kate O’Connor
Virginia Oswald
Joe & Kathy Palmer
Stanley & Elizabeth Palmer
Carol L. Parker
Theordore & Sibylla Pauly Foundation
Craig & Cindy Pauly
Tod & Taybee Pauly
Richard & Teresa Pederson
Clyde & Donna Peroutka
Ruth Perry
Ken & Mary Petersen
Larry & Kathy Peterson
Skip & Jane Pfeffer
Peggy W. Pitz
Dr. & Mrs. Erich Press
James & Carolyn Rabata
Kevin & Wendy Ramminger Family
Constance Randolph
Victoria Rathsack
Emmy Rebitz
Paul Reilly & Collene Anderson
Tom & Sharon Reilly
Gary & Lynn Retzak
Katherine M. Reynolds
Kenneth & Kathleen Riesterer
Randy & Faye Riesterer
Jeffrey & Mary Roberts
Debra Roemer
Dick & Diane Rohrer
Robert & Betty Rosinsky
Alan & Odetta Ross
Barbara Ruffell
Barbara Rugowski
Gerard T. & Mary M. Rugowski
Dr. John & Ana Sadowski
Safe Harbor Insurance & Retirement Solutions Inc.
Tim & Ann Salutz
Dennis & Rochelle Salzman
Beth Satchell
Karin Savage
Drs. Alan & Evelyn Sbar
Marty & Sara Schaller
Schaus Roofing & Mechanical
David & Marilyn Scherer
Richard & Loretta Scherer
Tony J. Scherer
Schliesman & Gordon-Ross Family
Herbert & Dorothy Schmalz
Paul & Joan Schmid
Beverly Schmidt
Dr. Gary & Janet Schmidt
Howard & Shirley Schmill
Tim & Heather Schneider
Chuck Scholten Foundation
Diana Schroeder
Leigh & Marie Schroeder
Elaine M. Schueler
Martha “Marty” Schuh
Mary Schulander
Dan & Arlene Schuster
Alessandra Schwartz
Bill & Elaine Schwartz
Lorraine J. Schwartz
Milton & Bess Schwartz
Jim & Barbara Schweitzer
Russ & Darlene Schwindt
John & Connie Scott
Seehafer Broadcasting Corp.
Brennan Seehafer Productions
In honor of Don and Jean Seehafer’s 55th Anniversary by Tom Drill
Service League of Manitowoc County
Dr. Mansoor & Kelly Shariff
Keith, Sue & Ruth Shaw
Lenora Sheahan
Florence L. Shekoski
Steve Shellman
Don & Mary Shimon
In memory of Hildegarde Sieracki by:
Bruce & Donna Fehrman, Thomas P. & Suzanne M. Frederick, Dawn Holsen,
Joy Ruzek, Larry P. & Caroline E. Sonnenburg, Darold F. & Caroline E. Wachholz,
Dale & Jennifer Zipperer, and friends of Hildegarde Sieracki
Paul & Bonnie Simons
Thomas & Barbara Sitkiewitz
Susan E. Skarda
Edwin & JoAnn Skarivoda
Glenn A. & Elizabeth A. Smith
Jane & Arthur Stangel Fund
Alan & Marilyn Stegemann
Mrs. Bob Stelzer
Dr. John & Laurale Stern
Mark & Tammy Sterwald
Cherilyn C. Stewart & Harold K. Salzberg
Stockhausen Family (Paul, Amy & Katie)
Jeff Stoeger & Robin Bryant-Stoeger
Ronald & Maureen “Dolly” Stokes
Therese Strauss
Doris Schuette Stueck
Dr. Edgar C. & Judith F. Stuntz
Jack L. & Anna M. Sullivan
Mark Surfus
Clara B. Svatek
Mark & Anne Swanson
Dr. Vladimir Swerchowsky & Maryann Liguore
Chuck & Judy Tadych
Kenneth E. Tate
Tom & Elizabeth Tearpock
Michael Thomas/PhotoTechnics
Dr. William & Joanne Thompson
Tony’s Pizza
Kenneth & Evelyn Tosten
Dr. Joseph E. & Rhonda Trader
Harold & Gloria Trainor
Jack & Joanne Troupe
Two Rivers Kiwanis, Inc., Two Rivers Fish Derby
Patricia M. Ulman
Dan & Colleen Vander Linden
Norbert & Sharon Vogt
Eric & Ruthann Volcheff
Robert & Deanne Vollendorf
John & Mary Ann Vondrachek
Jim & Terri Vopat
Dr. Scott & Heather Voskuil
Gerald & Germaine Waak
Robert & Susan Wallen
Thomas & Diane Weber
William & Nan Webster
Ken & Jean Weina
Daniel & Carol Wergin
Eric & Elizabeth Wergin
Charles R. Wernecke
Paul B. Wernecke
Ruth St. John & John Dunham West Foundation, Inc.
Ruth Westberg
Alice Weyenberg
Lois M. Williams
Patrick & Jean Willis
Howard & Betty Wilsmann
Judy Wind
Tom & Ann Winter Family
Wisconsin Public Service Foundation
Paul & Jeanne Wojta
Gregg & Ann Wolf
Charles & Theresa Wolff
Tom & Dr. Tracie Wurm
David & Suzanne Yanda
Gary Zahorik
Lucy Zeldenrust
Alvin & Catherine Zellner
Valentine & Deanna Zibung
Gary & Martha Ziegelbauer
John & Bernie Zimmer
George & Dorothy Zimmerman
Howard & Tricia Zimmerman
Tim & Michele Zinkel
John Zirk