Greetings, fellow Capitol enthusiasts!

The Capitol Civic Centre is a cornerstone of Manitowoc’s cultural landscape, and the Arts Partner program plays a vital role in keeping it that way. These organizations breathe life into the venue with their diverse performances, making the Capitol a hub for artistic expression and community engagement.

The program’s legacy dates back to its reopening in 1987. Renowned local organizations like the Manitowoc Symphony Orchestra and the Masquers graced the stage during the inaugural season, setting the precedent for artistic excellence. Over the years, the program has evolved, welcoming new partners while cherishing the contributions of those no longer operating.

To join this esteemed group, organizations must be regionally based and committed to the Capitol as a primary performance venue. This dedication is rewarded with the privilege of first dibs on scheduling and discounted rental rates.

Today, fourteen vibrant Arts Partners bring their unique talents to the Capitol, offering a captivating variety of performances throughout the year:

Music: Lakeshore Wind Ensemble & Lakeshore Big Band (7 concerts), Manitowoc Symphony Orchestra (4 concerts), Brennan Seehafer Productions (2-3 concerts), Valders High School (1 concert), Manitowoc Lutheran High School (1 concert)

Theatre: Masquers (3 productions), Peter Quince Performing Company (1 production), Treehouse Theater (1 production)

Dance: Jean Wolfmeyer School of Dance (1 recital + “The Nutcracker” partnership), Kaleidoscope Dance Company (1 recital), MantyDance (2 recitals), Downtown Dance Company (1 recital)

Community Events: Manitowoc Noon Rotary (1 awards program)

The Capitol Civic Centre, hand-in-hand with its dedicated Arts Partners, promises a future filled with captivating performances, artistic discovery, and a celebration of our community’s creative spirit.

Stay tuned, and let’s keep the Capitol stage vibrant!