Greetings, fellow Capitol enthusiasts!

I’m PJ Albert, Executive Director of the Capitol Civic Centre, and I’m thrilled to launch this new monthly section. For the past three years, I’ve had the privilege of leading this historic institution, bringing my experiences from across the country.

Each month I aim to give you a unique peek into the heart of the Capitol. You’ll hear from me or other staff members, delving into the fascinating world behind the scenes. We’ll explore how we curate our diverse calendar, collaborate with resident companies, navigate our financial landscape, and even highlight exciting upcoming events and artists.

Today, let’s shine the spotlight on our dedicated team. Our operations rely on a passionate group of six full-time and six part-time staff members. You’ll find our full-time crew tucked away in the Jay Street offices in the former Schmidtman Co building, while our part-time staff is scattered throughout the complex, ensuring smooth operation of the box office, concessions, and maintenance. The nature of our industry demands flexibility, with some starting at 8 AM and others finishing at midnight, across weekdays and weekends. Bringing everyone together can be a logistical dance!

But we’re not alone. Over 150 incredible volunteers lend their invaluable support as ushers, ticket takers, bartenders, and more. Each performance at the Capitol requires 25-30 volunteers! They’re the backbone of keeping ticket prices affordable, and we’re always looking for more passionate individuals to join our community. Visit our website to learn more!

Standing within this 102-year-old architectural gem, I am humbled by the community’s dedication to preserving its life and fostering live entertainment in Manitowoc. I’m excited to share its stories, its secrets, and its future with you, one blog post at a time.

Stay tuned, and let’s keep the Capitol stage vibrant!