The Papas and Mamas

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The Mamas and the Papas became a pivotal part of American culture in the 1960s. The very roots of the hippie movement can be directly traced to their artistic influence. Before the Mamas and the Papas, most vocal groups were unisex and all dressed very conservatively. When Cass, John, Denny, and Michelle hit the scene those stereotypes flew out the window. Their unique style and light pop arrangements helped put California on the musical map and the laid-back 1960s west coast lifestyle was born.

A loving tribute to the original rock band, The Papas and Mamas recreate the musical chemistry of one of the few North American groups to maintain widespread success during the British Invasion. With their tight, four-part harmonies and close physical resemblance to the groundbreaking original group, The Papas and Mamas have entertained audiences from California to Spain. Their haunting performance of “California Dreaming” will take you back to the sweet Southern California pop scene of the ‘60s!

If you go: This performance is rated PG-13

Tickets: $43, $36, $29, plus fees and tax; student ticket discount available


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