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Updated June 1, 2020


Dear Friends,


Following the guidance of local, state, and federal authorities regarding places of assembly, and the actions of venues around the country, the Capitol Civic Centre will continue to be closed to live on-stage performance operations through Labor Day.


Shows planned or rescheduled for summer have now been cancelled or given a new date. The Box Office is getting in touch with ticket-purchasers.


We have a new Marquee Season that will be announced in the coming weeks. Also, the Capitol’s talented resident companies, the “Capitol Arts Partners,” are eager about sharing and readying their new seasons, too.  And yes, uncertainties about what will happen beyond Labor Day are simultaneously occupying all of our minds.


When conditions allow, ideally over the summer, we will begin doing small non-performance rentals. As the situation further improves we will schedule events in the theatre, with audiences being socially distanced. However, for this to happen, we must expect that there will be new requirements placed on both Capitol and upon each guest. These are not normal times, but we shall make the best of them.


As I wrote here in my last update, each of us plays a role in this story, in how long it will last and in how it will end. Let us all be brilliant in our parts.


On behalf of the Capitol Civic Centre staff, board of directors, and volunteers, please take care. We’ll be together again.


Sincerely –


Matthew Schliesman, Executive Director