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On June 16, the Capitol Theatre in downtown Manitowoc, Wis. will celebrate its 100th Anniversary! In celebration of this momentous milestone, we—at the Capitol Civic Centre—have planned a number of pop-up events, offered backstage tours, and posted daily on socials and the Capitol’s website. We’ve also commissioned a Centennial Celebration commemorative original artwork from Erin LaBonte and Don Krumpos of Younder. You may be familiar with their work, some of which is featured throughout the community.

Their commemorative artwork will appear on a collectable piece as well as t-shirts; both will be available for purchase at the Capitol in the upcoming months. I’m excited for these items, yet also delighted for the opportunity to engage youth by offering an opportunity to express their artistic vision via a coloring page version of the commemorative art, which will be displayed in the windows of the Capitol for all to enjoy.

I am asking for the completed pages to be returned to the Capitol (either via the entry slot at the Box Office or by mail) no later than May 17, 2021. The artwork will be on display through the Capitol Theatre’s Centennial Anniversary. You may download the Capitol Theatre centennial celebration coloring page here.

The artists from Younder will select a “Judge’s Choice” colored page from one student in each grade, through Grade 8, and the selected student’s work will be acknowledged on socials and the Capitol website (identified by first name only). Additionally, the student will receive a commemorative t-shirt featuring the commissioned artwork. I will follow-up with the student’s teacher to get size and coordinate delivery of the shirt before the end of the school year.