Adventure Series: THREE LITTLE PIGS

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The Adventure Series is presented with support from Ruth St. John and John Dunham West Foundation

This lighthearted musical is a twist on the classic tale; in this adaptation, the Wolf is not evil, but misunderstood. The Three Little Pigs are very frightened of the Wolf and don’t want to be friends. The Wolf wants to be their friend and decides to invite them to his birthday party. The Wolf accidentally destroys the houses of the Three Little Pigs while delivering invitations to his birthday party. Wolf is surprised that he has the strength to blow down the houses, and feels badly about it. Luckily, Mother Pig is an understanding pig, and she helps Wolf deliver the party invitations. In the end, all is forgiven and the Pigs and Wolf can celebrate their new friendships together, April 5 at the Capitol. This performance, appropriate for Grade 1 students, is presented by Virginia Rep.

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