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October 18: Frank’s Washington Island

Oh yeah, the skipper, the professor and all the other crazy people are there! You know the story… they go on a boat ride, get caught in bad weather, and they land… where else… on Washington Island! The whole goofy cast is there and so are the palm trees. Yup, bet you didn’t know Washington Island had palm trees.

Castaways include: The Skipper (Pat Hibbard), Gilligan (Michael O’Malley), Ginger (Amy Riemer), Mary Ann (Amelie Eiding), The Professor (Frank Hermans), Thurston Howell (Tom Verbrick) and Mrs. Howell (Millie Haushaulter).

Song List:

‘Calypso’ – John Denver.

‘Sailing’ – Christopher Cross

‘Wham Bam Shang-A-Lang’ – Silver

‘Ride Captain Ride’ – Blues Image

‘Come on Down to My Boat’ – Every Mother’s Son

‘S.O.S.’ – ABBA

‘That’s the Way Boys Are’ – Leslie Gore

‘Venus’ – Shocking Blue

‘Surf City’ – Jan & Dean

‘Little Old Lady from Pasadena’ – Jan & Dean

‘Sea Cruise’ – Frankie Ford

‘Back When My Nair Was Short’ – Gunhill Road

‘Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing’ – Tori Kelly

‘Angel in your Arms This Morning’ – Hot

‘Want to Take You Higher’ – Ike & Tina Turner

‘You’re My World’ – Helen Reddy

‘You Need Us’ – HoneyBees

‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’ – Marilyn Monroe


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$30: All seats

Please note: Wisconsin Sales Tax and $2/ticket Capitol Preservation Fee will be added to your purchase.

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