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Because of our sta2014-15 seasoninreview.inddtus as a charitable organization, typically 35 percent of our operating budget comes from some form of philanthropic support (memberships, sponsors, donations, grants, etc.). While this number is less than some similar organizations, we must periodically seek the support of individuals, businesses, and corporations as they look at how they choose to invest in our community. There are a great many worthy causes, and we also support many of these through the donation of tickets so various organizations may raise money with raffles and through individual support provided by our staff.


The Capitol is always in need of something. Certainly money tops the list (the nature of our existence is one in which we must always be seeking financial support), but in-kind donations are very meaningful, too, and often save us money. While our annual appeal typically is formally requested near the end of the calendar year in The Marquee newsletter, you contribution is greatly appreciated at any time!

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If you prefer, email Matthew Schliesman, Executive Director, to arrange for a tax-deductible contribution or call Matt at (920) 686-6420.